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Pilot project in Morocco

Situation analysis

In many parts of the world women and childen collect wood on their backs all day and cook over open fires. In these countries; i.e. North Africa, Latin America and the Far East, this creates health problems and it has extremely negative consequences for the global climatic balance. In, often mountainous regions, it is not possible to construct roads, build natural gas pipelines or electricity lines. There is a large degree of analfabetism, hunger, unemplyment and poverty.

Project Proposal

Phase 1


Government contacts, research litterature, structure financing, detailed time and project programming. Choice of venue for pilot, e.g. Atlas Mountains in Morocco or Northen Brasil.

Phase 2


E.g. Morocco, Atlas Mountains.

  • Provide alternative energy, e.g agricultural crops, solar, wind etc. A quick and immediate solution would be buthane carried up into the mountains by donkeys.
  • Stop woodcollecting
  • Start school for men and women, how to cook using buthane or other forms of energy.
  • Read and write, basic accounting, cottage industry, microloans, English and French or Spanish, Italian, depending on country.
  • Free time for carpet weaving, embroidery etc.
  • Start export industry
  • The project will be self financing in a couple of years.
  • Evaluate, environmental benefits, CO2 balance, health effects, effects on poverty reduction, general wellbeing, education and gender effects
  • Report, publish, videos, brochures, internet, spread information through many channels.

Create a good example!

Phase 3